About the artist

My name is Jim Stark, and weird stuff is my specialty. I paint in a weird way with watercolors. I assemble weird collections of things. I hollow out books and fill them with weirdness. I sometimes make weird sculpture things out of other things. I also make some weird jewelry, mostly animal bone-related.

I am available to create custom works for you. I will work with you to design anything I do; a painting, a piece of table art, a sculpture, a book safe, a curiosity box, anything. I can make it for you or as a gift for your friends, family and if you work in the right place, possibly even for a boss or co-worker!

Please look around the site and visit the galleries to see examples of what I do. If you are interested, visit my Etsy shop, like my shop’s Facebook page, follow me on tumblr or contact me directly to commission a piece of art.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you saw something weird and interesting while you were here.